Under Development

The Context of Use Ontology (CUO)

domain ontology from HCI-ON

1. Ontology Description

CUO describes the elements that characterize a context of use, describing physical and social environments in which the interaction occurs, such as users involved in the interaction, tasks in which the interaction occurs and involved equipment (e.g., hardware, software).

2. Related Ontologies

Networked ontologies used by CUO:

Ontology Relation Integration Level
HCIO - Human-Computer Interaction OntologyCUO reuses HCIO concepts.
UFO - Unified Foundational OntologyCUO reuses UFO concepts.
Ontologies (re)used by CUO.

3. Ontology Models

Figure 1 presents the packages of the CUO Modularization.

Figure 1. CUO Modularization.

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4. Concepts Definition

The following table shows the definitions for CUO concepts.

Concept Definition
CUO concepts definition.

5. Detailed Concepts

Context of Use Ontology (CUO) detailed concepts.