Under Development

The UI Types and Elements Ontology (UIT&EO)

domain ontology from HCI-ON

1. Ontology Description

UIT&EO addresses interface types and their elements, associating them with the possible types of I/O equipment to be used in each element.

2. Related Ontologies

Networked ontologies used by UIT&EO:

Ontology Relation Integration Level
HCIO - Human-Computer Interaction OntologyUIT&EO reuses HCIO concepts.High
UFO - Unified Foundational Ontology
Ontologies (re)used by UIT&EO.

3. Ontology Models

4. Concepts Definition

The following table shows the definitions for UIT&EO concepts.

Concept Definition
UIT&EO concepts definition.

5. Detailed Concepts

UI Types and Elements Ontology (UIT&EO) detailed concepts.