Under Development

The HCI Modality Ontology (HCIMO)

domain ontology from HCI-ON

1. Ontology Description

HCIMO treats, in a general way, HCI styles/paradigms (modalities of interaction). It connects to UIT&EO to indicate Input and Output (I/O) devices and types of interface used in these approaches.

2. Related Ontologies

Networked ontologies used by HCIMO:

Ontology Relation Integration Level
HCIO - Human-Computer Interaction OntologyHCIMO reuses HCIO concepts.High
UFO - Unified Foundational Ontology
UIT&EO - UI Types and Elements Ontology
Ontologies (re)used by HCIMO.

3. Ontology Models

4. Concepts Definition

The following table shows the definitions for HCIMO concepts.

Concept Definition
HCIMO concepts definition.

5. Detailed Concepts

HCI Modality Ontology (HCIMO) detailed concepts.