Foundational Layer

Provides the general ground knowledge for classifying concepts and relations in the HCI-ON.

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Core Layer

In the center, core ontology is used to represent the general domain knowledge, being the basis for the sub-domain networked ontologies.

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Domain Layer

Going to the borders, well-founded and aligned domain-specific ontologies appear, describing more specific knowledge.

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Mechanisms to support HCI-ON evolution

There are four ways (here, called mechanisms) of evolving HCI-ON. view more videos »

(Re)Use HCI-ON.

(Re)Use our knowledge framework (as a whole or extracts of it) to solve semantic interoperability and knowledge-related problems in the HCI domain. view more videos »

HCI-ON is connected to SEON

A Software Engineering Ontology Network which provides a well-grounded network of Software Engineering reference ontologies. SEON website »